Select Images


How does this application work?

This application picks a random image from a batch of images you select.

To start, you can select images to by clicking 'Browse'. Once selected, a preview of all the images will be shown on this page. When clicking on 'Next', there will be an option to pick random images. You will be presented two buttons:

The 'Pick Image' button will pick a random image from the batch you selected earlier. The 'Reset Images' button, will take you back to the previous page, where you can select new images.

What about my data?

You do not need to worry about privacy, as all the pictures you use on this page will stay on your computer and never leave. Your images will not be uploaded to the cloud or whatsoever!

Feature request?

Do you have an idea to add extra functionality to this application? Feel free to contact me!

Open source?

Yes, this application is open source and can be found on GitHub. Feel free to contribute to this application.

Want to support this app?

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